Ready, Set, Get Healthy | Book + My eLab (36 months)

Authors: Richard Chevalier, Karen Oljemark (adaptatrice)
Collection: Ready, Set, Get Healthy!
Subject: Éducation physique

ISBN: 9782761391108
Copyright: 2019

Retail price: $29.95
Format: Multiple-item retail product

Ready, Set, Get Healthy! quickly and efficiently summarizes the basics of healthy physical activity and lifestyle habits.

Get to the point!

Ready, Set, Get Healthy! quickly and efficiently summarizes the basics of healthy physical activity and lifestyle habits. With the right tools, success is within your grasp!


Using a direct tone, effective presentation style and carefully chosen content. Ready, Set, Get Healthy! gives you what you need to know about physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices like no other textbook on the market.

Focused on themes indispensable to adopting a healthy lifestyle, this resource invites students to take control of their health. How? First, by integrating regular activity into their agenda, which often triggers a positive chain reaction toward other components: diet, stress, sleep, posture, harmful dependencies.

The chapters in Ready, Set, Get Healthy ! are structured in short information blocks. What? Why? How? Students learn to quickly identify the important concepts and how to put them into everyday practice.

At the end of each chapter is a handy summary of key concepts as well as a series of review questions to help students consolidate their learning.

My eLab

Efficient Teaching Effective Learning

In My eLab :
  • Watch photos and video sequences that show how the movements, postures and exercises should be executed.
  • Evaluate your physical condition and lifestyle with 40 Health Profile tests.
My eLab also offers:
  • 13 Brain Workout pages to facilitate your review
  • 12 Chapter Reviews on the key concepts studied
  • 14 Worksheets concerning your lifestyle
  • Introduction - Take charge of your lifestyle habits
  • Chapter 1 - Enjoy the benefits of physical activity
  • Chapter 2 - Evaluate your physical fitness
  • Chapter 3 - Master the principles of exercise
  • Chapter 4 - Maintain a healthy aerobic endurance
  • Chapter 5 - Improve your muscular fitness
  • Chapter 6 - Develop your flexibility
  • Chapter 7 - Maintain a healthy body composition
  • Chapter 8 - Adopt good postural habits and maintain a healthy back
  • Chapter 9 - Choose appropriate physical activities and do them right
  • Chapter 10 - Eat healthy every day
  • Chapter 11 - Manage your stress and improve your sleep
  • Chapter 12 - Say no to addiction
Richard Chevalier

Titulaire d’un baccalauréat en éducation physique et d’une maîtrise en physiologie de l’exercice, Richard Chevalier a enseigné l’éducation physique au Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne de 1969 à 2005. Chroniqueur au journal La Presse (2002-2010), Richard Chevalier a donné de nombreuses conférences sur les bienfaits de l’activité physique et a rédigé plus de 500 articles sur le sujet. Il est l’auteur de nombreux ouvrages, dont À vos marques, prêts, santé !

Karen Oljemark (adaptatrice)

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