Publishing Partners

De Boeck
Established in Brussels in 1883, the De Boeck publishing house has produced teaching manuals as well as publications geared to students, professionals, and culture and science fans. In Canada, De Boeck publications are mainly used in a wide range of university level disciplines. They are distributed under the following names: De Boeck (social, technical and medical sciences) Duculot (French language works such as Le bon usage (Proper usage), Estem (medical and paramedical training), Larcier (legal sciences) and Bruylant (legal and political sciences).

Pearson France
In addition to its own publications, Pearson ERPI offers a large selection of Pearson publications. They distributed throughout France and widely used by teachers and students in the French speaking world. Pearson France is well known for its university level publications namely in the fields of management, financial, marketing and the sciences. Most manuals also come with online versions available through Pearson’s interactive Pearson eText platform .

Since 1877 the French Vuibert publishing house has been publishing mostly university level educational manuals along with a wide range of instructional publications.

Editions Magnard publishes academic and extracurricular literature as well as literary works, such as the popular classic and contemporary collections, which represents over 150 literary works (short stories, mysteries, anthologies, plays, science fiction, autobiographies etc.). The titles included in this collection are well-known and used in secondary and univertity level literature instruction, according the complexity of the titles.

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